Amiri Medical Complex is a private hospital incorporated with the government of Afghanistan under the company’s ordinance in 2015, which is a continuation of Escort Amiri Diagnostic Heart Center established in 2006 with the aim to serve the deprived Afghans in the field of cardiac health care.

AMC is established with the goal to facilitate in-country treatment besides providing a comprehensive high-quality healthcare services under one roof. Our lives in AMC is dedicated to provide top quality medical services, and create a patient friendly environment. We are Afghanistan’s most trusted, leading, certified and award-winning tertiary-care 130 bedded hospital, that has generated employment for almost hundreds of people, we have been awarded as the clinical initiative hospital in Afghanistan by Healthcare Asia awards in 2019, with the initiative AMC has the honor to be the first healthcare organization in Afghanistan that has worked in an industry that has been neglected for years. Our consultants hold the best academic qualifications and the highest standards of specialized training from well-known national and international medical universities, we are rendering a high-quality, efficient and sustainable super specialty cardiac and other medical specialty services.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, expert medical and administrative teams, AMC is the premier choice for comprehensive medical care. We are committed to serve the community with a full complement of basic, specialized, and advanced medical services, and we continuously strive for patient safety, quality improvement, and excellence.

Our services include routine consultancy for multi specialties, a full range of laboratory functions, 24/7 pharmacy, emergency services, most modern CT-scan, full spectrum of surgical procedures, and the best of in-patient facilities at very reasonable rates.

Pediatric Surgery
Non-Invasive Cardiology
Hematology & Oncology

Message From Chairman & MD

Amiri Medical Complex (AMC) is a private tertiary care hospital with its seeds of origin in 2015, the facility is located in green and calm area of Afghan Red Crescent Society, Kabul. AMC is internationally award winning 130 bedded hospital is Accredited by European Association of Preventive Cardiology and is an associate member of International Hospital Federation. AMC has been steadfast in providing quality class integrated healthcare to patients with outcomes which are comparable to the best healthcare institution in the region and is now ready to deliver the healthcare needs of the future.

Our core values are built around the thought of patient first that each staff of AMC is an expert in their respective field as they believe that every single life is priceless. When they embark on this journey, stories of grit, determination and never giving up kick off.

In a less time AMC has many achievements to its name and these achievements are made possible by the continuing commitment of a large number of staff from many disciplines and departments throughout the hospital, to continually improve the quality of End of Life Care for patients and their families.

Our dedicated team consists of experienced, professional, disciplined and efficient doctors who are adept in their areas of specialization, devoted nurses and committed paramedical professionals together with our cutting-edge technology and quality infrastructure. We aim to provide a wide variety of preventive and curative solutions to your health problems. Every day we strive to be your healthcare provider of choice.

It was my father’s effort and vision where the dream come true, without his support it would have never happened.

I welcome you to AMC as a visitor, a patient, an applicant or a physician.



To reach beyond excellence in healthcare services and education while delivering international standards of medical specialty services with quality consistent in Afghanistan

Brain and Spine


To provide modern preventive and curative healthcare services to all, irrespective of their ability to pay in a value-added, conducive environment full of care and with the state of art infrastructure by expert and compassion professionals.

Achievements and Accreditations

We are honored to be the first hospital in country that has gained the trust of millions of people. Since establishment the goal of AMC has been to provide world class healthcare services within country, to reduce the need of seeking medical care outside the country. We have obtained the trust of people by truly sticking to our mission and we have obtained recognition from international organizations through our quality standards and sticking to our never-ending duty.

Accredited by European Association of Preventive Cardiology

Gastroenterology & ERCP

Registered by ISO 9001-2015 (UKAS) Certified

Pulmonology & Bronchoscopy

Associate Member to International Hospital Federation

General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Clinical Initiative of the Year in Afghanistan Award by Health Care Asia Awards in 2019

Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery (CTVS)

Customer Services Initiative of the Year in Afghanistan Award by Health Care Asia Awards in 2019


Fastest Growing Multi Specialty Hospital in Afghanistan Award in 2020 by International Finance


Sultanate of Oman Excellence Award for Health Services During Crisis by International Hospital Federation in 2021

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Neuro Surgery
Orthopedics & joints replacement surgery
General & Laparoscopic Surgery