Respiratory tract illnesses are the focus of the department of pulmonology. The pulmonology department at AMC uses cutting-edge technology to deliver effective care for both in-patients and outpatients. We deliver wide range of advance diagnostic and therapeutic services like intensive care, Bronchoscopy, Thoracoscopy, Procedures such as plural Biopsy, Intra Plural Applications /Pleurodesis, Chest Tube Insertion, thoracentesis Pulmonary function tests, etc. Meanwhile we render diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis (free sputum smear and ATT) including Gene Expert, with affiliation with National TB program

We have cutting-edge facilities for imaging diagnostics, and the Pulmonary Function Lab (PFT Lab), which is run by highly qualified and experienced specialists. with its top-notch services, as the center of excellence, this department, which treats all major to minor conditions related to lung function, provides the best care possible using cutting-edge technology and the most recent methods. AMC offers its patients complete care under the direction of the top pulmonologists. Our department offers a wide range of procedures to treat any respiratory problems, using all necessary advancements and methods.

Pulmonology and Bronchoscopy Experts

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