AMC offers consultation and surgeries in its dedicated super specialty Invasive and Noninvasive cardiology department.

Since its establishment, AMC has successfully operated thousands of cardiac procedures and has consulted over 150,000 patients. AMC has the most qualified and experienced consultants in Pediatrics and adult cardiology with academic qualifications from renowned international and national medical universities.

Our success rate in the field of cardiology is evident from our 99% success rate and we are known as the best and most trusted cardiac hospital in the country. Experienced cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are supported technologically by third-generation Cardiac Critical Care Units, Cath labs, and Intensive Care Units.

Invasive Cardiology

The invasive division of Cardiology department in AMC is the busiest and most trusted divisions in Afghanistan, our specialty in performing Angiography, Angioplasty, and Device Closure has brought thousands of people smile and healthy life.

Non-Invasive Cardiology

We have one of the biggest and most advanced hearth stations in the country, our specialized consultants in Noninvasive division gives us a competitive edge over the existing hospitals, our consultants have over 15 years of experience in Noninvasive cardiology and has helped patients from all around the country receive cure and care. We carry the trust of our people and from all around the country patients are referred to AMC for non-invasive cardiac diagnostic methods that are performed by skilled, competent and compassionate staff.

Under our Noninvasive division we have the most updated and best technologies that ensure patient cure.

  • 24 hours Holter Monitoring

  • 24 hours ABP Monitoring

  • Neuropathy Analyzer

  • Echocardiography



  • TEE

Cardiology Experts

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