Women’s Day Celebration

Amiri Medical Complex celebrated 8th March, International Women's Day in a special ceremony!

The ceremony was attended by all-female staff, consultants, department heads and special guests.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Mirwais Amiri, MD and Chairman of Amiri Medical Complex, said that women and men have equal rights in society and considered Afghan women as an important part of our society. He praised work of women in various fields. Commended their achievements and pledged all possible support to female staff of AMC, particularly in their capacity building

The special guest of the event, member of the Upper House (Meshrano Jirga), Dr. Anarkali Honaryar addressed gathering, praised capabilities of women, their contribution and active participation in our society. She further thanked the leadership of AMC for helping the women in every way.

During the event, a number of doctors also spoke about women's rights and their working capacity and praised their efforts in the medical field.

In the end, gifts were given to some female staff and guests.


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