Diseases affecting the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, and liver are primarily treated in gastroenterology and Hepatology. This field of study focuses on the physiological processes of food digestion, absorption, and excretion as well as the procedures of the entire digestive system, including the movement of food through the digestive tract.

We are committed to treating gastrointestinal and liver disorders in both children and adults. Expert care in gastroenterology is provided by our gastroenterologists. The hospital is equipped with cutting-edge technology and intensive care units.

The gastroenterology department at AMC is staffed by a group of highly qualified medical specialists that are committed to offering the finest care possible. While certain more serious disorders may necessitate surgical treatments, many diseases can be controlled with simple medicinal prescriptions. The gastrointestinal division within AMC provides a wide range of approached in treatment of Gastro diseases.

Diagnostic Endoscopy

Diagnostic Endoscopy is an examination of your internal organs using endoscope, and endoscope is a long tube with a camera attached to its head to examine internal Gi tract lumin irritations, ulcers, and inflammation and different kinds of tumors Our specialists within the Diagnostic Endoscopy division are there to offer quality and affordable diagnostic services.

Therapeutic Endoscopy

A therapeutic Endoscopy is a procedure that treats your upper and lower GI tract (mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon), blend of modern technology and experienced Gastroenterologists has enabled us to cure the most complex gastrointestinal diseases. The treatment process for your gastrointestinal diseases differ from patient to patient and mostly commonly used procedures under therapeutic endoscopy are as below:

  • Upper GI Endoscopy and lower GI endoscopy:

    1. Percutaneous endoscopy gastrostomy (PEG)

    2. Upper and lower GI tract stenting (SEMS)

  • Endoscopic variceal band ligation (EVL) and sclerotherapy

    1. Polypectomy

    2. Peumatic achalasia balloon dilation

    3. CRE balloon dilation

    4. SG dilation

    5. Endocliping and bleeding injecting

    6. Foreign body removal

    7. Naso gasrojejino feeding tube (NJFT).


ERCP is a therapeutic procedure for treatment of pancreatibilary Duct, disease’s, and Pancreas, the ERCP enables the physician to diagnose and treat the problems in mentioned areas, eg pancreatibilary ducts stones extraction and treated structures leakages by placing stenting and taking biopsies. ERCP procedure uses the combination of fluroscopy and side views duodenoscope.

Gastroenterology and ERCP Experts

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