Internal medicine exclusively treats adult patients. Our specialists have advanced training in internal medicine and they are skilled at handling a wide range of adult illnesses, whether they are common or rare, straightforward or difficult.

Diagnoses and preventative strategies for illnesses ranging from common to severe, life-threatening illnesses are the focus of this specialty. Our clinical specialists in this division are skilled in using cutting-edge medical technology to deliver complete range of comprehensive care. This department’s broad scope includes the prevention and treatment of range of illnesses and problems. Our staff offers reliable medical advice, support for leading a healthy lifestyle, and instructions on how to help treat the underlying causes of sickness.

On an outpatient basis, as well as for hospitalized patients, we offer a holistic approach to the therapy of various acute & chronic disorders. In addition to therapeutic therapy, we place a strong emphasis on patient education regarding reliable medical information and counseling for a healthy lifestyle that helps in eradicating the illness's underlying cause.

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