The Orthopedics department within AMC provides consultation and surgical treatments for your joints and bones, we are one of the best hospitals in Afghanistan that can perform very complex and simple orthopedic surgeries, with our highly experienced Orthopedics surgeon and top-notch technology we are able to promise you healthy bones and joints. The operating rooms, recovery areas, and cutting-edge physical therapy facilities at our orthopedic department are all equipped with the most cutting-edge technology.

AMC is the first hospital in Afghanistan that performs joint and bone replacement including knee replacement operations with 99% success, which was never available before within Afghanistan., within our Orthopedics department we also have the dedicated units for Traumatology which involves treatment for dislocations and fractures with very minimal down time for the patient.

Our Orthopedics department uses a blend of Physical therapy, sports therapy along with cutting edge technologies (CT, and X-RAY) to facilitate the cure process and give accurate diagnosis to our patients.

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