The return of a patient to their regular everyday life is significantly aided by physical therapy and rehabilitation. It may help to restore the body's original shape, thus it's crucial to attend all of your sessions after interventional procedures. Patients can access facilities with cutting-edge therapies around-the-clock at the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center at AMC. AMC adheres to strict standards of quality and safety while providing individualized rehabilitation therapy using the most cutting-edge methods. We have a committed group of specialists who are members of numerous international physiotherapy associations and have a wide range of specializations. We provide both in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation services, and we have a unit that is fully stocked to give the most recent methods and tools.

Our physiotherapists evaluate, diagnose, plan, and oversee the care of patients with musculoskeletal, cardiothoracic, and neurological issues in a variety of contexts. In addition to prescribing aids and appliances, exercising patients and families, providing health promotion information, occupational health evaluations, and injury prevention activities, we also assist patients with managing chronic diseases.

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